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Celebrating Christmas in Cyprus is a little different than elsewhere in the world. This holiday celebration is a full mix of culture, religious beliefs and superstitions. There are many contrasts in Cyprus during the Christmas season, and it’s easy to say that this holiday season is not celebrated like this, anywhere else in the world! it is surely a festive place to be with warm family traditions, special and interesting customs, lots of activities for everyone, unique events and delicious tastes.…/christmas-in-cyprus-the-custo…/

Cyprus – a land with a rich history with some of the largest shrines, architectural and archeological sites. This unique country has created perfect conditions to raise and educate your children, with age old traditions and British culture and heritage.

An island paradise with unrivalled location and climate; important sea routes, valued by great world explorers and where the fates of ancient civilizations lie.

Real life is magically intertwined with the time of legends and myths with Aphrodite and Adonis, Pygmalion and Galatea, Anaksoreta and Ifis.

King Richard the Lionheart conquered the island, married Berengaria of Navarre and threw the unruly vassals in the abyss and here you can understand how the Venetian Doge, Cristoforo Moro, became Othello in Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Cyprus – the heart of the Mediterranean.

Here, as nowhere else, you can feel the breath of history and the weaving of mystical adventures & Christmas spirit.

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