We cover everything needed by an owner to look after their property.

Last thing you want is for you or clients to be faced with issues that could have been easily avoided or remedied prior to yours or their arrival. We have put together affordable inspection packages that will allow OWNERS  to keep an eye on their property.


  • Key management
  • Empty letter box disposing of junk leaflets and leaving mail in apartment
  • Open all windows and patio doors for ventilation
  • Run kitchen taps, hot, cold, fresh-water.
  • Run taps in bathroom sink, hot, cold.
  • Run shower taps
  • Run taps in bath, hot, cold.
  • Flush toilet
  • Inspect for cracks on internal walls, ceilings and floor
  • Inspect for damp and water leaks in all rooms
  • Inspect inside kitchen cupboards, wardrobes for damp and mold



  • Turn on all lights and replace non-working bulbs
  • Turn on TV, DVD player, Satellite receiver and check batteries in remote control/s, if required replace batteries
  • Switch on all air conditioning units and check batteries in remote controls, if required replace batteries


Fee – negotiated between client and A.Pericleous  Property Management.

The complete package tailored for a specific client’s needs. Any service can be used in any combination to meet each individual’s specific requirements.

Contracted monthly Inspection    

Silver: €60+Vat

Gold :€70+Vat

As and when requested

Silver: €70+Vat

Gold: €80+Vat

prices may vary depending the area

After each inspection the owner will be sent a full report with photos of any issues that need attention, to include quotation from us for remedy of issue. Owners’ are not obliged to use our service for remedial work even if the inspection and additional services are under contract.